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Kia Spectra 140 миль/ч 6200 об/мин : киа спектра

Опубликовано: 03/02/2007
Голосов: 4.175 *
Длительность:100 секунд
Количество просмотров: 58662

Kia Spectra 140 mph 6200 rpms

Our kia spectra. 0-140mph . Short ram and cat-back exhaust ONLY. Back in 2004. Much faster and quicker now.

Наши пользователи часто спрашивают “киа спектра” – мы добавили ролик видео online “Kia Spectra 140 mph 6200 rpms”.В популярном ролике с оценкой более чем четыре * вы узнаете киа спектра.


  • you certainly have the wrong image of Korean cars…
  • Did you know a CHEVROLET IMPALA SS can go that fast (140 MPH)?
  • u got any mods to to it?
  • i got the 04 kia rio its fun!!!!!
  • This is why I roll my eyes when people ask me how fast my Trans Am will go. As if it’s somehow an indication of how powerful it is…
  • No, just bolt-ons as listed in the description. The whistle is the road noise of tire on concrete.
  • Very nice!


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